Friday, May 1, 2009

First post!

Et hop!
I finally open a blog. In this blog I will post whatever I feel like writing, but I guess the main subjects will be technical about my project Stellarium.
Actually the idea of creating a blog was suggested by a friend after I proudly explained to him how I optimized a small spherical geometry method in Stellarium.. So I guess with topic will be my first real post.


  1. Mr. Chereau,
    I recently upgraded to the Stellarium 10.4 version and was amazed at the improvements. It was already a wonderful program ; but now the superior image integration into the background yields beautifully realistic views.

    Permit me to thank you and your development team for sharing the efforts you have made in producing such a high quality piece of work.
    Sincerely, Martin George, USA , Ohio.

  2. Hi Mr. Chereau!

    Let me thank you for giving us such an excellent tool.

    I have one feature request that might be interesting, please forgive if this is not the right place to place this request or if it has already been implemented (I have searched a lot but could not find it):

    Would it be possible to implement a feature that opens an url in a browser when I right-click (or press the i key, for example) on a celestial body?

    The idea is to be able to use Stellarium as a gateway to more information in Internet about each celestial body. There would have to be a setting for the browser command. The user could then write his custom system command which would look like "/usr/bin/firefox", where NAME would be replaced at run-time by the name of the celestial body which has focus and has been right-clicked, or for which the "i" key has been pressed.

    Thank you very much for reading my post. I'am a programmer, and if there is anything I can do, you can count on me.

    Santiago, Bogotá Colombia

  3. HAllo
    I am seaman and I have used your programm for couple years but to make this software more usefull for navigation it should track planned ship's route according to waypoints and also to gps position. I showed your stellarium for many seamen and they were impressed. I think that is good idea to take it into consideration to make this software better for astronavigation for seamen and sailors. Thank you for your job. All the best.