Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stellarium 0.10.5 finally released

It was quite painful, but finally we managed to do it: Excepted many awful font display issues caused apparently by Qt, this release should be one of the most stable ever :)

PS: I will post more interesting things in the next days here, so keep up to date!


  1. I love Stellarium, but there is a feature it seems to lack.

    There is an announcement of Comet McNaught

    and I wished to enter its orbital elements so as to have Stellarium plot its position. But Stellarium seems to have no provision to accept such input. No doubt it could do the calculations, since it can do them for the planets. Perhaps I will be able to figure out how to script it.

  2. dear fabien
    im pejman norouzi from iran and use stellarium from 1st it(like sdm and other users)but ther is some problems in farsi translation...i and my students can translate all of stellarium's docs to farsi and send them to you for adding to stellarium...if you want.

  3. Hello,
    The program works with no problems in WINDOWS 7 ?
    Because when I tried in a computer with windows 7 and graphics card ATI RADEON 9600 AGP all fonts including english are all completely distorted.

  4. Stellarium has one mistake in it's programming... Sorry... In it's time format it counts the "Year Zero".... there was/is no year zero... time flows from 1BC to 1AD... no year zero in the western calendar... Check it out...

  5. pour genlab
    cliquer démarrer ;tous les programmes;stellarium;choisir: opengl et cela marche

  6. Finaly I used NO-openGL and then worked with my card :)