Friday, July 22, 2011

Stellarium in SOCIS 2011

Are you a student looking for an exciting summer job? Get paid this summer to work on Stellarium!

The Stellarium project was selected to be a mentoring organization for the ESA Summer of Code in Space 2011: a program funding european students for working on astronomy open source projects. Please review our ideas page and submit your application here.

The stipend consist in 4000 EUR (upon project completion), and is available for students from European universities (see this page for more details).

Hurry up! The application deadline is on July 27th at 11am UTC


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  2. From:
    Subject: Stellarium suggestions
    Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 01:40:33 +0300

    Hope you get this. I love the stellarium program. I just have 2 suggestions:

    In my opinion;

    1) It would be neat to see the folklore of the greek,roman and mayan perspective.

    2) It would be more beneficial and easier to view specific cities if the country of origin was listed first in locations. Or if you typed a country in it brought up all the cities included.

    Great program!



  3. Hello! I have found a discrepancy in Stellarium's representation of the Precession of Equinoxes. The Sun should be in the location in 25,722 years (or 25,920 if you go by older standards) from now. It is not -- it takes 26,500 years for that to manifest. Starry Night Pro has the same issue, although theirs is off by 4000+ (!!) years. My email address is, and I am the head of the Heaven and Earth blogspot. Please get back to me through either of those channels if you can; I found your blog here through the Stellarium website and was in need of someone to contact. Thanks for your help.

  4. Merci pour Stellarium! Quarante jeunes ados, dont je m'occupe dans un Village pour enfants en Ouganda, et moi-même avons adoré notre étude du ciel nocturne grâce a vous. Plusieurs soirées sous les étoiles juste au dessus de nos têtes a l’équateur nos ont ravis. Merci encore.